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Fresh chestnuts still firm and nice thanks to cold storage are available from St Peter's Dome Flora in Oregon (ufomuseum@comcast.net) prices subject to change. Inquire for prices if not the same date as this listing .

2013 prices are $54 including postage for an 10 pound flat rate box. $28 including postage for a 5 lb box . 1.75 lbs in a small flat rate box including postage is $14. Compare to offerings on Ebay. Chestnut supplies are limited and are gone when they are gone. a paypal request can be sent to your email address for purchase.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How To Buy Fresh Chestnuts Online

Just go online to Ebay or Amazon.com and look for listings of fresh chestnuts. On ebay there are a variety of different sellers in season and the same is true on Amazon.com. On ebay you can buy chestnuts at various prices and Varioius types of edible chestnuts from various locations. The price varies. One example is you are able to get ten pounds including postage on Ebay for $36 which comes to just $3.60 per lb which can be less than at your local super market including the postage. The only way to mail chestnuts efficiently is to send them using the postal services flat rate boxes. The lowest price to send one of these boxes is now $10.35 for up to 11.5 lbs. There are also pre-cooked preserved gourmet nuts available online from a variety of different vender's. These are not the same thing as fresh although they do have their uses.

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