Order Chestnuts Now. Email ufomuseum@comcast.net- subject to availability

Fresh chestnuts still firm and nice thanks to cold storage are available from St Peter's Dome Flora in Oregon (ufomuseum@comcast.net) prices subject to change. Inquire for prices if not the same date as this listing .

2013 prices are $54 including postage for an 10 pound flat rate box. $28 including postage for a 5 lb box . 1.75 lbs in a small flat rate box including postage is $14. Compare to offerings on Ebay. Chestnut supplies are limited and are gone when they are gone. a paypal request can be sent to your email address for purchase.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Having trouble finding fresh chestnuts available where you live?

Did you know that when chestnuts are in season you can find them online and easy to order from a variety of sellers. The season begins every late September. You can find Chestnuts to Order on Both Amazon and Ebay. We sell ours for the price of the nuts per pound plus the cost of the flat rate box which costs about $10 to mail anywhere in the USA by the US Post Office. It holds up to 12 lbs in the medium size flat rate box. The ten pound box is most popular. A box of ten pounds can cost as little as $35 in an ebay auction though we would prefer to sell it for more like $40 or more. The Amazon box is listed at a higher price because it is not an auction. Other sellers have other methods of selling but most have no cheaper means of mailing the fresh nuts other than the flat rate postal rates. Thus the total cost of mail order from a consumer's perspective is from $3.50 to $4 per lb total including postage which can compare favorably to super market prices. In high season , the ebay auction price can be a lot higher . That usually happens around Christmas time. Find our listings and our competition's on either ebay or Amazon to order . You can order direct and negotiate a price . Chestnuts without cold storage here can be discounted because they won't last though Thanksgiving and Christmas without cold storage. If you want chestnuts in advance of Thanksgiving and have empty refrigerator space you can get them and store them so they are in good shape to use later. For Chestnuts contact St. Peter's Dome Flora Care of oregondirect@yahoo.com and I can send you an invoice on paypal for your negotiated price. There is also a larger flat rate box that costs $14 to mail that might get up to 15 or more lbs of nuts packed inside. I have not loaded one of these yet so I have to check before selling. A small flat rate box may or may not be able to hold five pounds of nuts but not sure if it is cheaper than the medium size box that handles about 10-12 lbs. Our nuts vary in size and type and include a mixture of European, hybrid American, American, Asian nuts. I can try to pack smaller or larger nuts. Just started this blog and more information on the uses and how to use coming later. Our nuts are grown in Oregon.

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