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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Discovery And Invention of Chestnut Tea

I was going to try roasting fresh green coffee beans to see how it works but had none and then thought why not try to roast chestnuts the way coffee is roasted and try that instead just to try out the coffee roaster. I did and was amazed to find a palatable new beverage I have never had before. The actual means of roasting chestnuts to create chestnut tea may still be a trade secret . It tasted better than Postem and might even had tasted better with cream and sugar than plain. It worked so perfectly as it could become the "native tea of the pacific Northwest" I have been looking for a native tea that could be grown here for some time and by accident I found it except that it is somewhere between tea and coffee in it's consistency. Right now if interested you could become a taster and help to develop an all new product. I am excited by the prospects because usually when I experiment the first cup of tea is not so good that I want to make a second one immediately afterwards. For people who already love chestnuts this is a perfect beverage and for some people who liked caffeine free postum this is better than buckwheat tea, better than Korean roasted corn tea and better than barley and wheat tea. Like coffee it can be roasted light or dark and it is gluten free, caffeine free and great tasting or maybe an acquired taste for some but that is what makes it interesting as a tea or coffee substitute. At the moment the name of the product is Chestnut Tea but that could change. The coffee brand Chock Full of Nuts from NYC pretty much sums up the nutty flavor . It is naturally sweeter than coffee of course but that could depend on how dark the roast is. There is more to learn about it but someone told me that if it tastes as good as I say it does it could be a million dollar product. Here is hoping. If in Portland and interested in helping to roast and taste test the product. Get in touch and become an official or unofficial taste tester. I can also send out a free sample if interested. I don't know the shelf life of the product yet or if it can be ground and completely dehydrated because some dehydrated Chinese chestnuts seem too bitter as does Italian chestnut flour. It may have to be a refrigerated product? Too early to tell yet.

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